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Protect your building or workplace with infrared thermal scanning

Spot a person with elevated skin temperature (EST) by instantly scanning people at the door.

Detect and defend against the costly threat of disease at work

COVID-19 has killed more than 350,000 people in a matter of months and infected millions. Whole economies have stopped. But reopening businesses & buildings is challenging, because the virus is a hidden threat.

Not with InfraSensing by ServersCheck’s EST IR Spot EST Thermal Camera Sensors. With many carriers exhibiting elevated skin temperatures, potential risks are easy to spot with our instant scanners.

Deploy in minutes, protect in less than a second

The InfraSensing IR Spot Sensors are a range of free-standing thermal scanners, designed for entrances and checkpoints. With an accurate temperature reading in just 0.6 seconds, a Pass/Fail result is delivered as fast as it takes someone to stop in front of the scanner.

This means even the busiest of entrances can process large numbers of people with little delay – making the ServersCheck IR Spot Sensor an invaluable protection device for buildings and workplaces.

Mac Monitor playing a ServersCheck Video
  • Meet OH&S Requirements
  • Scan to within +/- 0.5c
  • Fully portable, stand-alone design

Get an instant pass (or fail)

Here’s how the InfraSensing IR SPOT Scanner works:

  1. The person being scanned stands between 5 and 30 cm away from the scanner.
  2. The scanner instantly takes a reading, with a GREEN light [Safe Result] or a RED light [Warning].
  3. And if they’re standing too far away, the sensor automatically emits a white light until they’re correctly within range.

If a red light result is shown, it’s simple then for a secondary test to be carried out by medical staff in attendance, or another procedure to be followed (person refused entry & referred for further investigation).

EST Irspot 2 Surface

Screen Elevated Skin Temperature with Embedded FLIR Thermal Camera

EST Thermal Surface

EST Thermal Camera Kit
This setup is great for situations where a simple thermal scan is required. With a pass/fail result delivered to a monitor (customer supplied), it can be installed stand-alone, as a supervised scanning device or could be integrated into a building management system as well as security access control system.


  • Stand-alone operation (without network if required)
  • Data Recording
  • Self or Supervised Screening
  • Audible Alarm via Monitor
  • System accessible via browser
  • Embedded Windows 10 Enterprise PC
  • Ethernet or WiFi Connectivity
  • Contactless Screening
  • Green/Red (Pass/Fail) result
  • Privacy/Anonymous Option
  • TAA Compliant
  • NIST traceable Calibrated at 33 and 35deg Celsius in a 20-25deg environment

Optional camera modules, tripods with mount adapter and 21” touch monitors available too.

EST Surface Screen

The easy-to-setup technology that’s perfect for any industry

There are so many different situations where detecting elevated skin temperature is essential for health and safety. These include:

  • Education (Primary/High/Tertiary)
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial & Factories
  • Mining & Industrial
  • Oil & Gas

Even airports and transport hubs can install them too, adding a line of defence that is costly and time-consuming to do by individually hand-scanning people.

EST Body vs Skin Temperature

Request an urgent quote right now on an Infrasensing IR Spot Sensor solution for your facility

Having scanners in place can help you reduce the chance of further outbreaks. To request an urgent quote from our team, enter your details below, and we’ll contact you soon.

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