Terafence VSecure

Secures your CCTV and IP surveillance camera network

Terafence Vsecure
Terafence Vsecure

Safeguarding your IP surveillance camera network by denying TCP/IP-based attacks

The rapid adoption of IP surveillance camera networks (IoT/NoT) brings a new dimension of vulnerability to cyber-attacks on building management systems (BMS), industrial and similar critical infrastructure. In addition, their reliance on the standard communications protocol (TCP/IP) makes them more vulnerable to vector hack attacks.

With our Terafence Vsecure product range, you can secure your IP surveillance camera network segments and IoT/NoT devices from prying eyes.

Terafence VSecure+ Features:

  • Secures IP surveillance camera network from being used for TCP/IP-based attacks
  • Data flow direction control enforcement at the physical and logical layers
  • Complete blocking of information flow, either physical or logical
  • Device password management for IP cameras at any time interval
  • A robust and secure solution utilising four independent security layers, also a single integration layer
  • Prevents the unauthorised viewing of video streams.

Find out how Terafence VSecure secures your IP CCTV camera network

How it works:

VSecure How It Works Infographic 2
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