a4Gate – Terafence inside

a4Gate – Terafence inside – a cybersecurity solution for the age of smart machines

a4GATE is a unique cyber-secure solution, with Terafence’s Smart Air Gap Data Flow Controller inside, to control ethernet traffic at the physical layer ( ISO / OSI Layer 1). The technology allows network designers and architects to build a super-secure network by providing total hardware isolation and segmentation.

a4GATE guarantees the highest possible degree of cybersecurity and penetration tested by three independent agencies, experts in cybersecurity attacks, certify this.


  • Air-Gap level of one-way data traffic
  • Total Traffic Control at ISO OSI Layers-1
  • ZERO induced latency
  • Hardware (chip) based Data Flow Control
  • Complete LAN Traffic Direction Flow Control
  • Low power consumption
  • LED indication panel

Discover the evolution of IoT security built for the 4th industrial revolution

How it works:

A4Gate Infographic
  • The system is connected to the machine network and, through the IoT edge software, it collects data from the machine’s smart components.
  • The collected data is transmitted in real-time to the part connected to the external network without physical or network connections through a
    patented technology.
  • The data transmission between the two internal parts occurs using the UDP protocol (connectionless type), which does not require feedback on
    their reception.
  • a4GATE is defined as a “smart-diode”, allowing only one-way flow. It is not physically possible to trace the data flow, working on L1 of the ISO \
    OSI stack.
  • It is not possible to access the machine network.
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