Securing Vehicle Systems with MicroSec Micro-PKI

The automotive industry increasingly relies on sophisticated computer systems and interconnected networks with many attack paths, making it a prime target for cyberattacks.

Some of these attack paths are through the vehicle’s external interfaces. These include onboard diagnostics ports, USB ports, and wireless connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in these interfaces to gain access to the vehicle’s internal network. Once inside, they can move laterally through interconnected systems, reaching sensitive assets such as the engine control unit (ECU) or the infotainment system.

Another avenue for attack lies within the vehicle’s supply chain. Malicious actors can target suppliers during manufacturing, compromising components or software with backdoors or other vulnerabilities. These compromised components can then be unknowingly integrated into vehicles, creating a hidden entry point for later attacks.

These attacks can target critical vehicle functions, such as brakes, steering, and navigation, posing a significant risk to safety and security. Traditional cybersecurity measures are often insufficient to protect against these evolving threats, making adopting innovative solutions like MicroSec’s Protection Suite essential.

Micro-PKI: A Powerful Defence for Connected Vehicle

MicroSec’s Micro-PKI is a lightweight cryptographic protocol explicitly designed for constrained devices like those found in vehicles. It enables dynamic key exchange, providing secure device communication even in resource-limited environments. This is crucial for protecting vehicle systems from unauthorised access and manipulation.

Key Benefits of Micro-PKI in Automotive Cybersecurity

Micro-PKI offers several advantages for automotive cybersecurity:

MicroSec’s patented Micro-PKI tool is a valuable tool, when compared against traditional PKI tools.

Securing against vulnerable Attack Paths with Micro-PKI

MicroSec's Micro-PKI effectively secures attack paths as identified in the use case:

Enhancing Overall Cybersecurity Posture

Micro-PKI complements existing cybersecurity measures, providing an additional layer of protection for vehicle systems. It is particularly effective in protecting against credential-based attacks, a common vector for cyberattacks in the automotive industry.


MicroSec’s patented Micro-PKI is a valuable tool for enhancing cybersecurity in the automotive industry when compared against traditional PKI tools. Its ability to secure devices at the individual level, manage keys dynamically, and integrate seamlessly with existing communication protocols makes it a powerful defence against evolving cyber threats. As the automotive industry embraces digitisation, Micro-PKI will play an increasingly important role in protecting automotive organisations’ networks, vehicles, and occupants.

If you are concerned about the risk of cyberattacks on your organisation, we encourage you to visit HENNSOL’s website to learn more about MicroSec’s Protection Suite.

Source: One Top-Tier Automotive Giant, Two Dangerous Attack Paths | XM Cyber


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