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Japan Radio Company (JRC)

Since its founding in 1915, JRC has responded and adapted to the diverse needs of customers by developing cutting edge, and advanced technologies in communication which is what they are recognised for across the world. Their passion and commitment for their marine and radar technologies lead them to venture into developing their own private 4G LTE technology with the focus being on enterprise and critical tactical communications.

JRC’s revolutionary enterprise Private LTE offering gives organisations access to a Private LTE Network solution with a low CAPEX and OPEX and our Tactical LTE BOXTM that can be deployed rapidly in emergency events.

Private LTE Network

JRC’s enterprise Private LTE Network offering gives organisations access to a cost-effective solution that can be deployed in a short time span. When combined with a fibre, microwave or satellite backhaul, it gives you full access to your organisational processes via smartphones or tablets.

The Private LTE offering also incorporates elements allowing the LTE network to seamlessly interoperate with Tetra, DMR, LMR and P25 network with our JRC Bridge.



JRC’s revolutionary and highly transportable and deployable Tactical LTEBOX offering enables delivery of full LTE capabilities and interoperability with two-way radios communications in a matter of minutes. The ingenious features of the Tactical LTE solution can interoperate with your organisation’s private LTE network without needing any backhaul connectivity.


Our Private LTE Solution Architecture

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