MicroSec's Monitoring Suite

Don’t wait for hackers to compromise your IoT network or reach your OT system 

Isolate and remediate attacks at the device layer with real-time response using MicroSec’s advanced machine learning.

Micro-IDS is an ultra lightweight intrusion and tamper detection system which utilises advanced machine learning models to detect behavioural anomalies at the device and network level.

Cyber Protection - Hennsol - Stop Zero Day attacks

Stop Zero Day attacks at the edge for both IP and non-IP type devices and protocols

Cyber Protection - Hennsol

Ultra lightweight monitoring for class 0 and class 1 IoT and OT devices on up and across your network

Cyber Protection - Hennsol

Additional layer of security to protect across IoT and OT communication protocols, including non-IP protocols



Instantly detect Zero day attacks and block tampering of IoT and IIoT devices.

Identify and isolate intrusion and tamper attacks, powered by in-house developed machine learning algorithms for IoT and IIoT networks. Stop attacks in seconds, rather than waiting hours or days or even months to discover them. Configured based on type of IP or non-IP protocols, stop popular IoT attacks such as DDoS / DoS, Tamper, Jamming, MiTM, and more! Includes Passive and Active monitoring with hybrid control.



See the unseen with machine learning.

Micro-IDS machine learning models fingerprints each device’s unique behaviour within the network establishing a common baseline. Deviations from that behaviour triggers an automatic response for instant remediation. Operators can also configure the appropriate response for different types of attack if they wish. Micro-IDS agents are deployed at the device level and network level for complete OT, IoT and IIoT monitoring.

03-Visualize your entire device network


Visualize your entire device network instantly and manage the security around your devices seamlessly.

Instantly manage the security around your devices seamlessly with a complete view of your OT and IoT network. Micro-IDS automatically detects, maps and visualises devices across your network. It creates an interactive Purdue model (ISA 95), allowing system operators to monitor the network efficiently. Receive instant alerts and deploy micro-Firewalls, VLANs, and other mitigation protocols all in one place.

Let’s have a chat to discuss your requirements and how MicroSec can secure, and defend, your IIoT devices and OT network today.

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