Secure your Operational Technology and Industrial Control System using unidirectional secure gateways

With HENNSOL and Terafence

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There has never been a more important time to secure your Operational Technology.

Over the past decade, millions of susceptible IT, OT and IoT products were compromised due to their vulnerabilities impacting organisations’ revenue-generating operations.

With the world’s first neural hardware microchip Air-Gap data flow controller from HENNSOL and Terafence, you can provide military grade industry-leading protection to your OT and IoT networks cost-effectively and surprisingly quickly, with implementation from as little as half an hour.


Everything that's connected can be hacked

Therefore, leading organisations know the importance of providing unbreachable protection. The connection between critical IT and critical OT networks needs to be segregated with a unidirectional security gateway. With a Terafence unidirectional secured Air-Gap data flow controller gateway at the OT and IT interface, you know your operations are protected from any sophisticated attack.


True Isolation and Segmentation

ICS Security
Impenetrable Protection
Works with your Existing infrastructure
Simple and fast implementation​
Competitive Total Cost of Ownership
Over the past decade, millions of susceptible IT, OT and IoT products were compromised due to their vulnerabilities impacting organisations' revenue generating operations.

Terafence is used all over the world wherever organisations leverage OT technology and IoT devices, including:


Terafence provides the most unique solutions isolating the OT and ICS environments.

Terafence Cyber Security is a pioneering company that safeguards your most crucial infrastructure. Our cutting-edge Unidirectional Gateway and Data Diode, built on a distinctive FPGA design, offer compact, user-friendly, and affordable solutions. Established in 2015, our company was founded by esteemed professionals within the Israeli cyber security ecosystem.


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Unidirectional Secure Gateways

Our gateway is the ultimate cyber moat, not only does it protect your castle but also enhances its resiliency.

With HENNSOL’s unidirectional secure gateways from Terafence, you get a full-duplex replica of network data without any interference in your traffic. This ensures unparalleled visibility and top-tier performance. Elevate your monitoring and security solutions today and fortify your OT and IoT domains like never before.

Visit our product page to learn more about HENNSOL’s unidirectional secure gateways and how they can help you protect your organization from cyber attacks.


How Terafence secures Industry 4.0 Pharmaceutical production lines


A world leading enterprise a leader in the production fertiliser, producing ammonia. The company operates in several regions, and their product is widely used in the agriculture industry. The company wanted to ensure that their ammonia production plant is secure from being attacked via the cloud.

How Terafence secures CCTV camera's in Okinawa

Hennsol CCTV network security

The customer has CCTV cameras installed in a location outside of their secure campus. However, due to the installation location, some cameras are physically accessible and could be tampered with. Therefore, creating a security risk as attackers could potentially gain access to the network by installing rogue access trojan malware and hardware. The customer was also aware that their firewalls offered limited security.

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