Experience Complete Network visibility

with Our OT Network Copper Breakout TAP


Network TAP engineered for your demanding OT/ICS environments!

Where Industrial Strength Meets Cutting-Edge Security

Introducing our OT Network Copper Breakout TAP, designed to withstand the most demanding industrial environments. From freezing -40°C to a scorching 85°C, our Network TAPs ensure your network remains secure and operational. With Garland Technology’s commitment to “See Every Bit, Byte, and Packet™,” you are guaranteed unparalleled network visibility and security.

Seamless Integration, Maximum Security

Our TAP (Terminal Access Point) is designed to be easily installed with its plug-and-play feature, DIN Rail mounting, and wired DC power supply. It operates discreetly and offers high-level security without requiring an IP address, which means it is immune to cyber threats.

Key Features:

Versatile for Various Industrial Needs

Tailored for sectors such as manufacturing, utilities, and transportation, and more. Making our TAPs a versatile solution for different industrial network scenarios.

Elevate Your Network Monitoring Today

Don’t wait to secure your industrial network. Contact us for a quote and embrace the power of seeing every bit, byte, and packet with our OT Network Copper Breakout TAP!


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