Securing and Monitoring your Operational Technology (OT) Network with 100% visibility and no blind spots is the ultimate goal

With HENNSOL and Garland Technology

“Visibility is critical for managing OT/ICS systems. According to survey respondents, increased visibility into control system cyber assets and configurations is the top initiative organizations are budgeting for in the next 18 months.” — SANS State of OT/ICS Cybersecurity Survey —

      HENNSOL Technologies and Garland Technology’s TAP to Tool TM philosophy empowers your solution by architecting to the tools, not competing with them, providing industry-leading visibility to your OT and IT networks.

Securing and monitoring your network is the ultimate goal.

Operational Technology teams face complex challenges when it comes to architecting connectivity throughout large and sometimes aging infrastructure that were not initially designed with network security in mind.

These challenges include:


Industrial Ethernet environments are specifically designed for industrial and manufacturing settings, which makes them different from modern high-speed data centre environments. Ethernet’s simple design and cost-effectiveness have made it a popular choice for network design in industrial networks.

However, any changes in these environments are considered disruptive to the operational floor, which is why most industrial networks still operate at lower speeds using older equipment, with many computers running on the outdated Windows 95 operating system. It’s important to note that the dissimilarity between industrial Ethernet environments and data centres or enterprise environments primarily arises from the unique conditions and demands of the industrial setting, which require appropriate cabling and network components for reliable and efficient connectivity.

To address visibility challenges in industrial control systems (ICS) and achieve optimal network performance, you can find helpful information from our partner Garland. This resource provides valuable solutions specifically tailored to enhancing visibility and ensuring the smooth operation of your industrial network.

OT and ICS Visibility

By deploying network TAPs, you can guarantee comprehensive packet visibility for your security solutions while enhancing uptime and eliminating the packet delivery issues often associated with SPAN/Mirror ports. At HENNSOL Technologies and Garland Technology, we offer a diverse range of industrial-grade network TAPs tailored to meet your specific needs. Our TAP collection includes solutions designed to withstand extreme environments, media conversion TAPs for seamless integration, traffic aggregating TAPs for efficient data management, and Data Diode TAPs for enhanced security measures.

In addition, our TAPs come equipped with various features to address visibility and environmental challenges. These features include DIN rail mounting for convenient installation, DC-DC power converters to ensure reliable power, and screw power lock connectors for secure connections. With our comprehensive TAP offerings, you can have the confidence and assurance needed to overcome any visibility or environmental obstacles you may encounter.

Industrial Topology-LR-HT

ICS/OT Visibility Best Practices

Industrial environments face many challenges. Let’s explore visibility use cases to help solve these:

Creating a foundation of visibility in an Industrial environment is just as important as in IT. Once deployed, network TAPs allow you to access that point in your network at any time. Many organisations have adopted the stance of tapping all critical links for easy access during troubleshooting or inevitable security breaches.

Hennsol_garland - network cyber attack solutions

Garland Technology is used across the globe wherever organisations leverage OT, ICS and IT networks in:

About Garland Technology

Garland Technology is a USA-based manufacturer of Network TAPs, Network Packet Brokers, and Inline Bypass solutions. Since 2011, Garland Technology has been helping companies’ OT and IT network monitoring and security solutions deliver on their promise of performance and protection because Garland Technology reliably delivers all of the data the tools require.

Garland Technology is the only company 100% focused on delivering packets to network tools with easy-to-use, flexible, and no-strings-attached hardware. This focus is grounded in Garland Technology’s “TAP to Tool” philosophy, with an emphasis on architecting to the tool, not competing with them. Garland Technology understands that companies invest a great deal of time, money, and personnel in cybersecurity tools, and that Network TAP solutions should be scalable and flexible to deploy what you need, when you need it, so you can focus on what’s important – performance and cybersecurity.



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Industrial network TAPs


Provide Complete Visibility for High-performance Monitoring Solutions

HENNSOL’s network TAPs (Test Access Points) from Garland Technology make full duplex copies of network data without affecting network traffic, providing complete visibility and the high-performance, monitoring and security solutions require. 


Industrial Infrastructure

How did Garland Technology Provide Visibility and Reduce Network Complexity to an Oil and Gas Customer?

SCADA Cloud Visibility

Read how Garland Provided Visibility to a Utility Customer’s  SCADA Virtual Environment using their Virtual TAP.

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