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Detect and Eliminate Zero Day Attacks at the Edge

A joint Solution to Secure the Edge for Industrial IoT and OT Systems with MicroSec & Garland Technology

When a SPAN port is available on the switch, customers may prefer to use this route to deploy the MicroIDS since it will allow for a base level of visibility and protection right away. This application has its advantages because it will be a quick and fast deployment. However, security risks are associated with using the SPAN port on a switch, so customers may deploy a Garland Hardware Data Diode to ensure unidirectional traffic to the MicroIDS, guaranteeing the SPAN port doesn’t become a point of entry into their network.

A more robust solution includes using Network TAPs to send traffic to the MicroIDS. This approach provides a higher level of security as a customer is not relying on the correct configuration of a switch into a SPAN port to send copies of traffic to the MicroIDS. Deploying Network TAPs ensure more traffic, and thus, more assets are sent to the MicroSec appliance for analysis and protection. Also, there is the added benefit of the unidirectional protection of the Data Diode in the Network TAP itself when deployed.

Customers looking for visibility into multiple links in a network can also use a Garland Network Packet Broker to aggregate the different links and filter out traffic, such as camera traffic, that MicroSec does not need to see before sending the groomed traffic to the appliance. This approach ensures that the sensor isn’t overburdened or processing unimportant information.

Three ways to deploy MicroSec MicroIDS with Garland Technology.

  1.  MicroIDS connects to individual switches via a Hardware Data Diode
  2.  MicroIDS connects to TAP Aggregator
  3.  MicroIDS connects to TAP Packet Broker

How Garland Technology's Data Diode TAPs Work

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