Secure your operational technology, Industrial Control Systems and industrial internet of things from cyber attack

According to the ACSC 2021–22 report, the estimated losses from cyber attacks in Australia increased by 14% from $33 billion in FY21, and the frequency of reported attacks is steadily rising.

We believe providing unbreachable protection to your operational technology (OT), industrial control system (ICS) and industrial internet of things (IoT) should be easy and inexpensive.

How HENNSOL can help protect your operations


The world’s leading enterprises demand the most advanced unbreachable, unlimited connected protection to keep operations running.

A Terafence Unidirectional secure gateway is like a cyber moat protecting the castle of your sensitive information and critical control systems


MircoSec paves the way for world’s leading enterprises that demand the most advanced next-generation OT and IIoT security protection and monitoring.

The cutting-edge technology protecting from zero-day attacks and works with any OT or IIoT network regardless of the communication protocols used.

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The world’s leading critical infrastructure companies securing and monitoring their OT networks can’t afford blindspots, dropped packets, traffic bottlenecks, or suffer network downtime.

Garland Technology’s TAP to ToolTM philosophy empowers your solution by architecting to the tool and not competing with them and providing scalability and flexibility to deploy what you need when you need it.


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