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Defending and securing operational and IIoT Technology from Cyber attack

We believe that providing unbreachable and machine learning protection as well as packet visibility to your operational technology (OT), industrial control system (ICS) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) should be easy and inexpensive and that each customer has unique security needs.

With our partners from leading cybersecurity companies, we provide visibility to your blind spots, unbreachable protection by blocking incoming attacks, and detect and eliminate Zero-Day attacks at the edge.


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Hennsol Technologies

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Implementing new technology into an organisation can be hard

At HENNSOL Technologies, we know that you want the peace of mind that your business systems are secure and your operations are running efficiently.

In order to do that, you need the right technology for your organisation and operations.

We understand it can be hard to compare technology solutions. It can feel like you are drowning in technical specifications, and in the end, you may still not feel confident about which solution to trust.

That’s why Hennsol’s founder, Adriaan, has leveraged over 20 years of experience working in industrial control systems, telecommunications, and a passion for technology to find the very best brands to partner with in our three areas of specialisation.


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